The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) confirmed that within the first two months of 2016, construction of the new USD$48 million Laguna Bojorquez bridge in Cancun will begin.
The new bridge is part of the tourist infrastructure package set out by the federal government through the SCT, Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Fund (FONATUR).
The much-needed bridge will help with the general circulation of traffic between the Cancun Hotel Zone and the mainland, particularly between the two ends of the boulevard Kukulcan. These areas are saturated with hotels, shopping and cancun bridge.jpgDuring high hotel occupancy times, traffic problems increase. The new bridge will help ease the bottleneck traffic congestion that this area experiences on a daily basis.
Laguna Bojorquez bridge will consist of four wide lanes, two in each direction. The bridge is being designed with esthetics as well as practically in mind, offering 3.5 meter wide lanes and a central separation strip of more than 2.5 meters.
It’s expected the construction for the bridge will cost around 800 million pesos (USD$48 million).

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