The Unity Bridge would have conveyed 3,000 vehicles a day across the stretch of water separating Ciudad del Carmen from Isla Aguada. At 3.3 kilometers long, it would have been the second longest structure of its kind in the country – if it had only been completed.
Begun in 2012 under the governorship of Fernando Ortega Bernes, the bridge attracted an 833-million-peso (US $50 million) investment from Petróleos Méxicanos (Pemex), but only one-tenth of it was built.
The bridge should have been completed last October but has been abandoned since a section collapsed last year.Campeches-bridge-to-nowhere.jpgAnother public project promised by the Ortega Bernes administration was Hospital Maternal Infantil, intended to provide first-rate health care for children. Work began on the clinic in Ciudad del Carmen in 2012 and was supposed to be finished last May, but due to various delays it remains little more than an empty building.
Having already run up a bill of 300 million pesos, the project has siphoned off another 50 million to pay for missing medical equipment. It is hoped that the hospital – which should provide advanced medical treatment for severe ailments when it is finished – will be completed by 2016.
But at least the bridge and hospital are merely useless. The Chicbul-Ciudad del Carmen aqueduct has actually done more harm than good. Inaugurated last year at a cost of 1 billion pesos, the project was conceived to improve the water supply to Ciudad del Carmen residents.
However, the designers failed to take into account old water lines which could not cope with the new water pressure and ruptured in several areas, causing residents to suffer ongoing water supply issues.

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