Yucatan is the only entity in the Peninsula with an “average” degree of competitiveness, mainly for the state’s advances in access to new technologies and their levels of innovation.
In the Indicator of Economic Competitiveness of the States 2015, presented Tuesday Dec. 8 in Mexico City by the consulting firm Aregional, Yucatán occupies the 11th position among Mexico’s 32 states and ranks second in the group of 10 states with medium competitiveness, just below Tamaulipas.
This set of states of “average” competitiveness also includes Aguascalientes (12), San Luis Potosi (13), Guanajuato (14), Colima (15), Puebla (16), State of Mexico (17), Veracruz (18) and Morelos (19).

Photo: sipse.com Merida’s Science and Technology Park will help to improve the region’s economic competitiveness. Shown here is President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurating the park last week.

Campeche and Quintana Roo, meanwhile, rank 23 and 25 on the national list, and are part of the group of states with the lowest levels of competitiveness, with scores of 48.5 and 47.5, respectively, of a total of 100.
The indicator is an index that measures the ability of states to boost productivity and create a conducive environment for attracting investment and creating jobs with high added value.
Together, the companies grouped in the “average” category obtained ratings ranging from 59.4 to 50.2, a total of 100 pointsYucatecan_worker.jpg

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