If you have not, you should add it to your to-do list. Hammocks are not only for swinging on a lazy summer afternoon; here are the six facts that you should know about sleeping in a hammock:
1. You will be able to fall asleep faster
Lying and softly swinging in a hammock creates a natural rhythm, and this motion helps you reach a relaxation level that has been the subject of scientific studies. Moreover, it is said that being wrapped in a containment net is like a subconscious reminiscence of the matrix.
2. Zero pressure points
When you sleep on a hard surface (this could be your mattress, couch, sofa,etc.), each contact point triggers discomfort signals to your brain that are saying “this is not comfortable”. That is why we all move, shift and turn around so many times through the night, because we cannot be comfortable for more than a certain period of time. And so your hammock is an alternative that offers a relaxed environment with absolutely “zero pressure points”.
3. Deepest state of unconciousness
At this point, you go to sleep faster and without shifting around all night. What could be better than this? Studies have shown that soft swinging can help synchronize brain activity and promote a deeper state of unconciousness. So your body gets a real rest and you wake up more refreshed.
4. Do not make the bed anymore
Leaving your room tidy never has been easier. Now, all you have to do is pick up and fold the hammock in a corner, that is 20 times faster than making the bed (especially if you have a king size). You can wash your hammock every week along with your clothes and have a clean bed. For cold nights, wrap yourself up in a blanket and you’re all set.
5. Hammocks are good for health
If you sleep well, you live well. Hospital beds are designed to help the patient lay on his back comfortably, with the head slightly elevated. This position gives the brain optimal blood circulation and improves breathing. Believe it or not, this is exactly the same position that hammocks provide.
6. Comfort
If you do it right, sleeping in a hammock will be one of the most comfortable moments in your entire life. Choosing the right style hammock and hanging it with correct angles are critical points. Just lie down in the middle, in a diagonal position, close your eyes, breath normally and BUENAS NOCHES !!!yucatecan_hammock.jpg

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