Erika Flores Reynoso, veterinarian for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW by acronym in English) in Playa del Carmen, alerts dog and cat owners to take measures to prevent their pets suffering from the frequent detonations of fireworks used in religious observances and Christmas holidays.
“What we see with dogs is that they become disoriented, they get anxiety attacks and rapid heartbeat, they are terrorized. If they are on a terrace or roof they can be injured by jumping to flee to a safe place. This is in addition to the damage they may have to their ears with the nearby explosions,” said Flores Reynosa.crouched-body-dog.jpgAlong with the Municipal Center for Animal Welfare (Cebiam), Flores Reynosa warned that starting this weekend there will be an increase in the use of explosives in the streets and residential areas.
So pet owners can follow four steps to care for their animals:
1. Place the pet in the most isolated place in the house, with doors and windows closed to reduce noise. Bathrooms can be an alternative, but owners must be sure to leave water and a chew toy.
2. Do not pet the animal repeatedly to prevent the animal from becoming conditioned that fear is rewarded.
3. Ensure that your dog has a nameplate so that if it does run away to escape the blasts, it does not get lost.
4. If you decide to medicate the animal, be sure this is supervised by a veterinarian.

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