Faro del Mayab Hospital, born from the vision of a group of people aware of the need for health services with a focus on HUMAN QUALITY, where attention is given to users in a friendly environment and with the support of cutting-edge technology. Where patients are assisted by highly specialized and continuously trained medical personnel.

That is why Faro del Mayab signed an association agreement with CHRISTUS MUGUERZA, a Health System with an international presence that means “Medical Excellence and human quality”.

The main Medical service ptrogramms will be child care and Women’s Health (Maternal and Child Health), as well as related General Hospitalization Programs with more than 25 specialties, in addition to being able to offer professional care for foreign visitors (Medical Tourism) that preventively or emergently require international medical services.

HFM is certified with the highest quality standards so that it will become an attractive Medical Tourism pole, which today, due to its service and price conditions, makes our country one of the best options worldwide.

Faro del Mayab will feature the latest technology, advice and medical research services.

This state-of-the-art medical facility will be the center of high quality medical specialties with the best technology and medical staff in all southeast Mexico.

It will operate as a third level hospital, with an estimated 300 direct employees between medical and nursing staff, as well as 75 administrative employees that will serve patients in Mérida, Yucatán.

The Yucatan Post Newsroom

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