Just over a hundred people marched today on Mérida’s Paseo de Montejo to protest against the policies and decisions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whom they called Mexico’s traitor for freely opening the southern border to Central American migrants.

Signs with phrases expressing communism rejection, Mexican flags, three-color paper chains in their hands and Catholic prayers, the protesters departed from Calle 47, next to the statue of the Montejo.

They walked from south to north for an hour between the cyclists and the families who traveled the Sunday BiciRuta, and ended the march singing the National Anthem at the foot of the Monument to the Homeland directed by José Fernando Vega Cisneros.

During the march, protesters stressed that they do not want Mexico to turn into a new Venezuela, they asked people to send e-mails to lawmakers to proceed with the political trial against President López Obrador, they rejected the Sao Paulo forum, and any type of dictatorship, they sang “Mexico has a one-man policy.”

People also prayed during the march and chanted “long live the family,” long live Christ the King”and “out with communism.”

The march was convened by the National Citizen Congress and was held simultaneously in several cities in the country and abroad.

The spokesman of this organization in Yucatan, Ricardo Mendoza Elizondo, said: “this peaceful demonstration is the real march for the independence of Mexico from the lousy federal government we have today”.

In his opinion, the objective is to awaken the citizens’ conscience and demand that President López Obrador and his officials comply with the people’s requests, ensure the interests of all and not only those who support him.

“Society has to understand that those who are up in power are not kings or dictators, but servants who must do what the people demand,” said Mendoza.

The leader was asked if the enormous popular support to López Obrador is not evidence that he is fulfilling the mandate of the citizens and he responded that this apparent support is not real because the polls are paid, the government has a huge advertising aparatus and a network of “bots” in social networks where each one has up to ten accounts with which they demonize, attack and insult their critics and praise the President.

He also said that AMLO is giving away Mexican money to Central American countries, instead of investing in our country, that he is pay scholarships and pensions to improductive lazy people, just to get their vote, and that those actions are driving Mexico towards the same situation Venezuela and Cuba are currently experiencing.

Regarding the low citizen participation in Mérida, Mendoza Elizondo considers that it is because Yucatán is far from having extreme violence, as is the case in Quintana Roo and other Mexican states.

The Yucatan Post Newsroom

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