sacbe or “white road”, is a raised paved road built by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Most connect temples, plazas, and groups of structures within ceremonial centers or cities, but some longer roads between cities are also known.

And now, in the XXI Century, a modern “Sacbe”, tht will be known as “Camino del Mayab” (Road of the Mayab), will allow hikers and bikers to explore a 100-kilometer walking circuit that runs through 13 different localities within the state of Yucatan.


The project, which is one of the best ideas emerged in all of Mexico in terms of Ecotourism lately, is being created by the eco-tourism group EcoGuerreros (Eco Warriors) Yucatán and is expected to be completed by December 2020.

“In addition to enjoying the attractions of the municipalities, communities can have an income from tourists, in a totally sustainable, high quality and safe manner”, said Ulyses Huesca Tercero, general director of Ecoguerreros.

The route will cover Abalá, Tecoh, Sacalum, Mérida and Umán, starting from the archaeological zone of Mayapán and ending at the Dzoyaxché estate, in the Cuxtal Ecological Reserve (Mérida municipality).

During the tour, there will be a region of biological connectivity between two important protected natural areas of the State of Yucatán: the Geohydrological Reserve at the cenote ring and the Cuxtal conservation area, where travelers will have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites, forests, haciendas, cenotes, Maya roads and farms.

Signposts will help guide the eco-tourists, who can stay overnight at any of the destinations.

The project is being made possible by the Yucatan Peninsula Climate Fund, the United Nations Development Program, and more than 10 other institutions and organizations.

The Yucatan Post Newsroom with information from EcoGuerreros

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