American rapist denounced on Facebook, he preys his victims on Tinder


The following is the testimony of a Facebook user that goes by the name of Kim Kima. She posted her story on the Bazar para Mujeres MID Facebook page on Friday, July 8th:

Mérida, Yucatán.- I want to tell the story about my meeting with this individual that currently resides in Merida and I don’t want other girls to go through the terrible experience I went through.

I met Micah Feldkamp through Tinder and he invited me to go out to a cafeteria which I accepted, we ended up eating at a pizzeria (everything was OK up to that moment), then he told me that he lived nearby.

When we finished, he asked me to go for a walk, to which I said yes, we left the place and his house was about 150 meters down the same street, I got confused because I didn’t think he meant going to his house, he opened the door, invited me in and told me “here it is”. I could have said no, however, I entered the house (because I did not see anything wrong, in fact, the young man seemed very cool), so far everything was fine, he took out his guitar and played me about 3-4 songs, everything was OK, we turned on the TV.

Approximately 1 hour after arriving at his house, I was having a good time since I liked him very much and felt physically attracted to him.

He kissed me and evidently he wanted more than a kiss, to which I said no, and he started to struggle with me and I managed to get loose (he was starting to scare me though), so I grabbed my cell phone and asked him if I could use his bathroom to which he said yes, but he snatched away my cell phone and threw it to the other end of his bed, so I couldn’t use it while in the bathroom.

I walked away towards the kitchen, and that was when he cornered me against a wall holding me tightly by the neck and arms.

Before all this happened, we were speaking in Spanish but at this point, he started to speak in English which is his first language and he began to tell me “what did you think was going to happen on a date with a stranger, coming to his house, entering his room and dressed like that? Don’t fuck with me, I’m stronger than you” and it was useless for me to try to escape. Then he said: “you’re smart and I know you understand English“, in a very aggressive tone.

I started laughing nervously because I was very confused and I asked him if it was a joke because he was really scaring me. I told him I was scared to which he replied “I know“.

I asked him if he could give me some water, to which he gave me a glass so that I could help myself (so he could watch me while pouring the glass of water, giving me no chance to escape, obviously he was not going to allow it).

I was scared to death, I poured myself the water and raised the glass to drink and the water fell on me, my hands were shaking but I was trying to stay calm because if I tried to run away or scream or do something, he could hurt me.

You think about so many things in fractions of a second, so then, I decided I wasn’t going to let this person get me through an experience that would traumatize me for life and things could get horrible, so I just let him do whatever he wanted and show no resistance.

After that, he seemed like a different person, he suddenly turned extremely “nice” again, and started telling me that I should be very careful when going to strangers’ houses because there are very bad people that can put something in my drink and that he would never really hurt me, etc etc etc.

He called an Uber to take me to my house and he even came out on the street to say goodbye to me as if he was my boyfriend.

Looking at his tinder profile, I see that he follows several girls from Mérida and I fear for their safety since I don’t want anybody to live what happened to me”, the truth is this man is dangerous and could hurt someone else.

I contacted two girls who follow him on Tinder, to ask them if they had been through something similar and both told me that they had not gone out with him.

This man also goes by the name of “Mike”. He lives on Calle 59 (between 72 and 74), downtown Merida, just a few meters from Café Montejo.

I enclose photos of the guy, be very careful when meeting men through Tinder.

A number of Facebook users replied to this message with different angles and opinions, most of them making unnecessary judgments and criticizing the young woman who had the courage to post her story so people in Merida can learn that this man is a dangerous rapist who preys his victims on Tinder.

Micah Feldkamp’s Tinder profile

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