Commercial impact due to works in Plaza Grande

Street vendors and tourist operators perceive a decline in sales due to the remodeling of Plaza Grande. Don Beto, a hat vendor, commented that his sales at Plaza Grande have decreased since the works began. According to him, tourists see “destruction” and do not approach the area, preferring to go to the coastal zone to […]

Tribute to Bridgerton Vol.2 at the Armando Manzanero Teather

On Sunday, July 21st, 2024, at 6:00 PM, a spectacular concert with an extraordinary orchestra and special guests will take place as part of the Cultural Yucatan-Guanajuato 2024 activities. The talented singer Evelyn Espinosa will join us on stage. During this evening, we will intertwine seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the Bridgerton series with […]

The Guitar and its Music Concert at The Olimpo in Merida

The Centro Cultural Olimpo in Mérida is set to host an enchanting evening of music with the acclaimed guitarist Manuel Espinás. Scheduled for July 17 at 8 p.m., this family-friendly event promises to be a celebration of the guitar and its music. With tickets priced at $200 for general admission, attendees can expect a night […]

Second Kite Festival in Progreso: Dates and Activities

In the next few days, the Port of Progreso will host several events during the summer vacation period. One of these is the Second Kite Festival The kites will be seen flying in the port on Saturday, July 20th, starting at 11:00 am, and Sunday, July 21st, at 10:00 am. The event will take place […]

Efforts to Address the Issue of Excessive Wiring in Progreso 

Following the recent passage of Hurricane “Beryl,” the Progreso City Council has announced an initiative to regulate excessive urban wiring in the streets of the municipality. This measure aims to mitigate risks and enhance the city’s appearance. The council is urging citizens to contract telecommunication services that are properly regulated, allowing for effective intervention with […]

The Mayan milpa is at risk of disappearing: CICY 

The Mayan Milpa is an ancient agricultural system used by the Maya civilization in Mesoamerica. A milpa is a small, intensively cultivated plot of land that was typically surrounded by forests or other vegetation. The Mayans believed that the earth was alive and had to be treated with respect, so they developed a sophisticated system […]

Merida presents the BusLab: Now you can pay your trip with a bank card 

At the Smart City Expo Latam Congress, the BusLab will be unveil, a fully intelligent unit.   According to Rafael Hernández Kotasek, head of the Yucatán Transportation Agency, the BusLab will enable satisfaction surveys, lost and found services, and tracking the number of passengers (including women, men, and children).   It’s equipped with cameras that […]

UN-Habitat recognizes Merida’s Participatory Design Program. 

Merida City Hall has fostered a unique synergy between government and citizens. This collaboration aims to enhance public spaces within the municipality, which serve as vital meeting points and contribute to the social fabric. As part of this sustainable mission, the Public Spaces Design Participatory Program was launched in 2018, responding to citizens’ calls for […]

Security Operation Kicked off for Summer Vacation in Progreso 

The municipal and state authorities have launched their summer vacation security operation along the Progreso coast, stretching from Chuburná to Uaymitún. The event took place on the traditional malecón (boardwalk) near the Juan Miguel Castro statue.  Several government agencies and organizations, including the Red Cross and National Emergency Commission A.C. 31059, participated in the operation. […]

Kibi and Torta Fair in Progreso: When and where will it be? 

The Kibi Cake Fair in Progreso, originally scheduled for July 7 but postponed due to Hurricane Beryl, will resume this weekend.   Progreso’s international boardwalk will once again host the third edition of the fair, celebrating the 153rd anniversary of Progreso. This gastronomic event is dedicated to the famous kibis, but in Torta form. The […]