Optimism Grows Over the Textile Industry’s Future in Yucatan

The sector is pushing Yucatecan exports: for every $100 generated, $16 comes from this branch. The National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (Canaive) highlighted that this sector significantly contributes to the state’s exports. For every $100 USD Yucatan generates in export income, $16 specifically comes from the clothing industry. Canaive President Luis Gerardo González expressed […]

Offices Dedicated to Financial Fraud Seized in Yucatán 

Following denunciations against a financial company allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities against people in Yucatán, security authorities issued a search warrant to secure the premises.  According to the Yucatán Public Security Secretariat (SSP), search warrants were issued to be conducted simultaneously at two properties located in Mérida. The State Police Investigation Unit (PEI) collaborated with […]

¡Starbucks Drive Thru Now Open 24 Hours in Mérida!

The famous coffee chain #Starbucks has taken another step to satisfy its nocturnal clients with the launch of “24-HOUR DRIVE THRU IN MÉRIDA”. Now, coffee lovers can enjoy their favorite drinks in the very early hours of the morning, although this option will only be available on specific days and at some branches in the […]

Accelerating the Digitalization of Small Businesses in Yucatan

To modernize and strengthen local economies, over 3,000 businesses in the interior of the state have reported a significant increase in profits following the digitalization of their establishments. This process, which includes the implementation of payment terminal kits for credit card and debit transactions, has been crucial to growth, according to Antonio González Blanco, director […]

Mauricio Vila celebrates that over 438 thousand workers from Yucatan have been insured with the IMSS.

The data of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) revealed that more than 438 thousand employees from Yucatan are affiliated with their services, which sparked Mauricio Vila’s joy. Mauricio Vila Dosal, the constitutional governor of the state of Yucatan, confirmed that over 438 thousand workers from the entity were insured with the Mexican Social Security […]

Sheinbaum to Extend the Mayan Train to Progresso

Mexico’s newly elected president, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, announced that in the coming days, she will present a project to extend the Mayan Train to Progresso as part of Governor-elect Joaquín Díaz Mena’s Renaissance Maya plan. Referring to the continuity of passenger train projects, the virtual president-elect, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, highlighted the Mayan Train and the […]

Maya-speaker promotes lawsuit against Poseidon statue in Progresso

Carlos Pérez, a Maya-speaking indigenous person, filed a lawsuit before a federal judge in Mérida against the Poseidon statue in Progresso. A lawsuit was filed against a federal judge in Mérida, Yucatán, regarding the installation of the Poseidon statue in Puerto Progreso. The lawsuit, filed by Carlos Orlando Pérez Zaldívar, a Maya-speaking indigenous person, and […]

Clash between two gangs in Umán leaves 18 arrested

Police launched an operation to detain those involved   Two gangs began a fight in the streets between San Lázaro and San Francisco colonies in Umán, sparked by old grudges. The incident occurred between the San Lázaro and San Francisco colonies in the city of Umán, after neighbors reported an altercation. It is known that […]