How to know if a piece of land in Mérida is legal?


The sale of land in Mérida has increased, and in the same way, fraud, since there are several essential requirements to know if these are legal.

There are several terms that could cause the purchase of land to lead to legal problems, this based on several points that should be known to the buyer.

In case of wanting to build and carry out works on a recently purchased land, various documents must be previously verified before, instead of generating income, they end up in losses.

Required documents

Environment impact manifestation

The Environmental Impact Statement is mainly to assess the environmental impact of the project to be carried out on said land.

Release document issued by the INAH

The official letter issued by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) is to know that there are no archaeological remains on the land.

Municipal permits

Municipal permits are to detail issues about their sale, such as the trade, land use licenses and public service permits.


The trust is to carry out a real estate development to give legal guarantee to carry out construction works on the acquired land.

Source: Por Esto