In Yucatán, about 60,000 houses are unoccupied

The Canadevi reported that Yucatán remains below the national average of abandoned houses In Yucatán, some 60,000 houses are unoccupied, a figure that represents 13 percent of the total housing in the entity, assured the president of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (CANADEVI) Yucatán, Sergei López Cantón. Despite the number […]

Atelier: Transforming the Center of Mérida through Architecture and Design

Lucía Ríos, Creative Director of Atelier, a company specialized in architecture, design, and space restoration, shares how passion for preserving history and architectural beauty has driven their projects over the past 10 years in Mérida’s city center. “Atelier has been an architectural construction company for nearly 20 years, but we’ve focused on the city center […]

The Quinta Montes Molina, a pillar of Merida’s architecture

The late 19th century mansion is today one of the most visited museums on Paseo Montejo Tourism in Yucatan starts the week with strength. Although it is Monday, Paseo Montejo, one of the main arteries of the city, looks lively. Since winter is not over yet, the temperature does not exceed 27 degrees at noon, […]

Which is the best place to live in Mexico

This place has many favorable factors such as security, cultural life and good future development prospects Mexico is a privileged country with a great diversity both gastronomic and cultural, which is why living here is a great privilege; however, it is also well known that there are many factors that can make housing difficult in […]

Beach housing in Mexico, a ‘great paradise’ for investors: AMPI

Rojas Cobián, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), affirmed that Mexico has become a great paradise for investors, who raise more returns from the capitalization of Mexican beach houses than from their investment bets in the United States and Europe. “We are an investment paradise for beach products for the consumer […]

This is the New Riviera of Mexico, the place you can call home

Imagine a place with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches under your feet, from where you can admire the beautiful sunsets with unmatched tranquility. Yes, this place exists. Specifically in the ports of Telchac and Chicxulub, part of the “New Riviera of Mexico”, located on the Yucatecan coast. Here you can start the new […]

9 Best Places to Retire in Mexico, According to Real Estate Experts

Affordable health care, low living costs, and warm weather make Mexico an increasingly popular retirement destination. While Mexico — with its picture-perfect beaches, lush mountains, fascinating culture, world-class cuisine, and friendly people — remains one of the most popular tourist destinations for Americans, the country is also emerging as a retirement haven.  “According to social security […]

SUA Desarrollos: Redefining Luxury in Mérida

It is projecting itself as one of the leading companies in the real estate market, with one of its most ambitious and exceptional projects being Zaguán. In the vibrant city of Mérida, the real estate company, SUA Desarrollos, is projecting itself as one of the leading companies in the luxury real estate market. One of […]

Inmobilia acquires a majority interest in a shopping center in Mérida

The newly acquired interest represents 51.20% of the total ownership of the shopping center and is also a strategic step to strengthen Inmobilia Management’s presence and portfolio in a key location. Inmobilia Management, a subsidiary of Grupo Inmobilia specialized in the development, marketing and sale of real estate developments in Mexico, announced the acquisition of […]