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This is the New Riviera of Mexico, the place you can call home

- December 20, 2023

Imagine a place with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches under your feet, from where you can admire the beautiful sunsets with unmatched tranquility. Yes, this place exists. Specifically in the ports of Telchac and Chicxulub, part of the “New Riviera of Mexico”, located on the Yucatecan coast. Here you can start the new story of your life.

In this paradisiacal place, Grupo GEA, a 100% Yucatecan developer, has sought to incorporate an exceptional lifestyle through its new real estate developments, in real estate with excellent returns.

Just as Cancun and Tulum have positioned themselves as two of the most emblematic tourist destinations in our country, the New Riviera of Mexico has great potential to become another of the most sought-after places to vacation and even to live.

For example, Telchac and Chicxulub are located a few minutes from Puerto Progreso, the most important port in Yucatán with the longest pier in the world, where the nearby restaurants and beaches make this place a very special place for tourists.

Likewise, the environment full of magic and mysticism of the Mayan culture that surrounds the entire Yucatan Peninsula, the natural beauty of the surroundings and the peace in the entity, form the perfect setting to relax and forget the stress of big cities.

That is why Grupo GEA has created 12 developments in Yucatán, of which 4 are currently on the market: Gran Telchac, a development with vacation facilities; Mahal, a luxury private in Conkal; Wayúum, which combines residential and commercial options; as well as Sorenna, who promises a golden future. These developments also stand out for their intelligent planning and unique design, complementing the natural environment and thus offering an unparalleled living experience.

Source: Quien