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Yucatan News

Ancient Mayan city that was ‘impossible to find’ discovered in jungle

The incredible discovery of an ancient Mayan city which used to be 'impossible' to find is changing the way people understand how humans of...


Mexican migrants denounce network of ‘modern slaves’ in Canada

Recruiters take advantage of legal labor mobility schemes that exist between Mexico and Canada to hook victims. Mexican migrants denounced this Sunday networks of alleged...

Despite Supreme Court ruling, AMLO declares national security protection for the Mayan Train Project

Mexico's president said on Thursday, May 18th, that the construction and operation of a tourist train project that could cost up to $20 billion...

Mexico will investigate the impact of genetically modified corn imports on the country’s tortillas

Mexican authorities announced on Monday, April 10th, a working group will investigate the impact of genetically modified (GM) corn imports on the country's tortillas,...


Mérida is the second most expensive city, according to data from INEGI

The Yucatecan capital has one of the highest living costs in the country. During the first 15 days of April, the inflation index in the city of Mérida, Yucatán, showed a downward trend, registering 8.45...

USD-Peso Exchange rate hit new low today Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Peso falls against the dollar from its best level in six weeks; outline monthly progress When starting operations, the price of the dollar today, Monday, was up to 20.39 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange rate stands at 19.89 pesos...


Want to do business in Mexico? Check this out…

In times past, people generally only engaged in commerce with those in their immediate vicinity, due to transportation and communication limits. Now, those limits...

GigNet looking to expand in Yucatán

US internet service provider (ISP) GigNet plans to expand into Mexico's Yucatán state and has not ruled out continuing to grow in "other parts...

Real Estate


Adidas launches Concha bread-shaped tennis shoes

To pay homage to Mexican sweet bread, Adidas launched a limited edition Concha-shaped Superstar. The sale is about to end! Without a doubt, the Concha...

How to enter the secret tunnels in the Center of Merida?

In the Historic Center of Mérida there are stories and secret places that are not visible to everyone and legends and stories have been...

Young man “mocks” the Mayan surnames and the Yucatecans respond

On social networks, the controversial comment of a Facebook user has begun to go viral. The Yucatecan community has been divided between those who...

Food and Drinks

Lime soup surpassed pozole in the world’s 100 best soups

Pozole fell behind lime soup in the best soups in the world! It is a typical Yucatan dish and it is a true delight. Lime soup is one...

Expats in Mexico

Why moving to Mexico is good for your heath

Moving to Mexico can have several potential benefits for your health. Here are some reasons why: Climate: Mexico offers a diverse range of climates, from...

Expats Crime

Two French tourists were arrested in Yucatan for stealing a Chinese man’s iPhone

Valladolid, Yucatan (January 20, 2023).- A Chinese tourist was able to recover his cell phone and two French visitors were arrested for the theft of...


Mexico History

The woman of the palms, one of the oldest skeletons in Mexico and America

Learn about the history of the Woman of the Palms, the oldest human skeleton found in the Yucatan peninsula and which yielded very important data on the population of the American continent. La Mujer de las Palmas is the name given to a skeleton found...

Mexico Living

This is the curious case of the Mexican white supremacist mass shooter - and what he says about the United States of America. When the gunman who perpetrated America's latest horrific mass shooting was named Mauricio Garcia, many jumped to conclusions. There were immediate suggestions that the Hispanic name of the killer, who struck at a shopping mall in Allen, Texas,...


These foods and drinks would be prohibited in Mexico next September

After a decree was approved in the General Health Law, these foods would be prohibited in Mexico as of September; meet them. When you hear the word Mexico you always think of culture, diverse ecosystems, tradition and gastronomy, not for nothing is it one of...