“The Oaxaca Festival and Guelaguetza Arrive at Paseo Henequenes


The exhibition of Oaxacan products moves to Francisco de Montejo in Mérida

Starting today, Wednesday, March 13, and until the upcoming Sunday, March 24, the Oaxaca Festival and Guelaguetza will be located at Paseo de los Henequenes, which is situated at the level of the Francisco de Montejo subdivision in Mérida.

More than 50 exhibitors participate in this festival, offering handicrafts, snacks, botanas, drinks such as mezcal, foods like Oaxaca cheese, as well as typical garments and much more.

There are also cultural dances and shows to liven up the gathering, which runs from 9:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night.

It should be noted that this festival spent several days at Santa Ana Park, where it received hundreds of attendees who met there daily.

Oaxacan artisans pointed out that their sales exceeded expectations, especially during the past weekend, which was the last one they were at Santa Ana.”

Source: Sipse