The place in Yucatán where Patricia Maya, the Yucatecan wife of Rob Schneider, was born


Since 2011, actor Rob Schneider has been married to actress and producer Patricia Maya, a native Yucatecan, and that’s how they met.

Rob Schneider has declared himself a fan of Mexican food on numerous occasions. The reason? Since 2011, the American actor has been married to Patricia Maya, an actress and producer born in Mérida, who made him adore our precious cuisine.

Patricia Maya is also a renowned writer who has shared her life with him for 12 years, and she has also been the driving force behind the actor’s ability to speak Spanish so well and, of course, to enjoy Mexican food.

Therefore, at TV Azteca Yucatán, we tell you who Patricia Maya is and how it was that actor Rob Schneider fell for the affection of this Yucatecan woman, with whom he has also formed a great family.

Who is Patricia Maya, the Yucatecan wife of Rob Schneider?

Patricia Maya is a 35-year-old Mexican actress, producer, and screenwriter who married actor Rob Schneider in 2011. They have two daughters, Madeline and Miranda.

Maya was also a model, but currently, she is more dedicated to the production and writing of audiovisual projects in collaboration with the American comedian.

Among the last two significant productions in which Patricia Maya has participated are the television series “Real Rob” and the movie “Daddy Daughter Trip” (“What a trip with dad!”), both starring Rob Schneider and his family.

How did Rob Schneider meet his Yucatecan wife?

In past interviews, actor Rob Schneider has shared his incredible love story, as the couple has remained together since their union in 2011.

Patricia Maya and Rob Schneider currently live in the United States with their daughters.

They met on the set of a production and dated for six years.

On social media, Patricia Maya herself has shared how her husband loves Mexican food and, as a good Yucatecan, she has even cooked him endemic dishes such as “frijol con puerco” and “cochinita pibil.”

Source: Azteca Yucatan