With four homicides per month, Yucatán is the safest state in Mexico


This figure contrasts with the rest of the country, where an average of nearly 500 homicides occur each year. However, states like Michoacán, Jalisco, State of Mexico, and Guerrero surpass a thousand executions.

In Yucatán, one of the nine states holding gubernatorial elections in the current electoral process, there were only 221 intentional homicides during the term of the current governor, Mauricio Vila. This averages to less than 4 per month, making Yucatán the safest state in Mexico, according to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

This low crime rate is not the only indicator confirming Yucatán’s safety. In the first three months of 2024, the state’s prosecutor’s office initiated 120 investigations for an equal number of robberies. Additionally, Yucatán has the lowest rates of vehicle theft and home burglary in the country.

However, some experts warn that Yucatán’s peace could be at risk. Evidence suggests that drug trafficking routes from the Mexican peninsula to Miami, Florida, are reactivating after years of dormancy. While Yucatán has maintained a low profile, local mafias have exerted control and prevented common crimes. The next administration may face challenges as criminal groups expand their activities in neighboring states.

Source: Milenio