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The International Hurricane Seminar in Mérida

- May 1, 2024

The International Hurricane Seminar was held in Mérida, an event that brought together 50 airport centers from the country and abroad; the event highlighted the evolution in airport security to withstand the onslaught of hurricanes.

They emphasized the use of technology as a measure to withstand the onslaught of these natural phenomena, such as the company BOSCH, which presented a camera that withstands intense gusts of wind and allows continued monitoring of what happens at airports.

Javier Vega Dour, director of the National Meteorology Center, pointed out that it is important for airports to invest in infrastructure, modernize security systems, and have protocols for these situations.

This seminar is the prelude to the start of the hurricane season, which is scheduled for May 15, making it a way to exchange experiences and strategies in the face of these natural phenomena.

The seminar discussed the passage of Otis in Acapulco, what was done and what was not done, and recognized errors in forecasting; they highlighted that this should provide learning applicable to this hurricane season.

Source: Quadratin