Exploring the Yucatán Jungle: A Path to Revitalizing Mexico’s Maya Heritage

Venturing beyond the pristine beaches of Yucatán, the expansive Camino del Mayab trail promises to breathe new life into the region’s struggling Maya settlements through immersive jungle expeditions that navigate around lush haciendas and hidden cenotes. Immersing oneself in the refreshing, crystalline waters after a lengthy trek through the dense Yucatán foliage is an experience […]

3 of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan for Easter Week

Semi-virgin beaches with white sand and a crystalline sea surrounded by natural beauties, for your next Easter vacation. During the Easter holidays, beaches are a must in our plans. When it comes to sun and sea, the Yucatan Peninsula has some of the best paradises in Mexico. But this time, we won’t tell you about […]

Mayan Train: online ticket sales resume on new platform

Maya Train: online ticket sales resume on new platform It is expected that by the end of February the entire 1,500-kilometer rail route will be ready from February 29, through 5 states in southeastern Mexico. After the sale of tickets for the Maya Train was suspended through e-Ticket since last January 19, a new sales […]

Mérida stands out in a list of destinations

One of the most important travel and accommodation search and reservation platforms on the market has revealed that Mérida is on the list of the 10 global destinations of 2024 for travelers interested in visiting destinations to live memorable experiences. The information indicates that Mérida is in that selection, according to Booking.com’s 2024 Travel Predictions […]

The Toronto-Mérida flight will be reactivated

The WestJet airline highlights that starting on the 21st of this month the wave of travelers from Canada to Yucatan begins. The WestJet airline will resume its temporary Toronto-Mérida connection once a week starting November 21, in an effort to serve dozens of Canadian visitors who choose Yucatan as their destination during the winter season. […]