CFE to Launch Operations of Nachi Cocom Plant in Mérida

The plant will strengthen the charging capacity for electric transportation units in Mérida. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will launch the first phase of the “Nachi Cocom” photovoltaic plant in July, which will become one of the main sources of energy supply for the Ie-Tram public transport network in Mérida. According to Juan Carlos Vega […]

Announcement of changes in the IETRAM routes in Mérida 

The IETRAM routes will change their routes as reported through the official accounts of the Yucatán Transportation Agency. The changes, according to the brief announcement, will start from next Monday, June 24th.  The routes that will have modifications are:  901 La Plancha – Maya Train Station Teya  903 La Plancha – Faculty of Engineering – […]

Mosquito Eradication Campaign Announced in Mérida and Suburbs 

The city’s residents are invited to participate in these preventive measures against dengue, Zika, and chikungunya on June 22nd and 23rd.  To prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes that transmit diseases to the population, a mosquito eradication campaign will take place from June 22nd to 23rd in Mérida and its suburbs, covering 263 colonies, 230,720 homes, […]

Mauricio Vila and Alejandro Ruz Launch the 2024 Forest Crusade

Under the slogan “Planting trees, cultivating water,” Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the Mayor of Mérida, Alejandro Ruz Castro, initiated the 11th Forest Crusade of this year, which includes the planting of 8,500 trees in the municipality to reach the goal of 150,000 set by the current municipal administration for 2021-2024. At the “Henry Martin” […]