Archaeologists Found a Smoking Gun Behind the End of the Maya Kingdom’s Reign

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of a ninth-century conflagration that signifies a transformative epoch in the governance of the Maya civilization. This discovery is an exceptional archaeological instance of pinpointing a historical watershed. The incineration of Maya relics, some dating back a hundred years, was presumably a spectacle witnessed by a large audience. Investigators have unearthed […]

What does “huach” mean in Yucatán?

The word “huach” is a term that has been used in Yucatán for a long time, but it has different meanings depending on the context and the tone of voice. According to the Dictionary of the Mayan Language, “huach” comes from the Mayan word “wach”, which means “face” or “front”. However, in colloquial speech, “huach” […]

Maya canoe surrounded by animal and human bones found in Chichen Itza

A wooden canoe surrounded by human and animal skeletons near the ancient Maya city of Chichén Itzá may have been used as part of a ritual. In 2021, divers in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula discovered the boat and bones deep inside an underwater cave located 15 feet (4.6 meters) below the water’s surface. In total, archaeologists […]

Michigan State University Anthropologist says ancient Maya collected trophies made from human skulls

According to Gabriel D. Wrobel, Professor of Anthropology, Michigan State University, two trophy skulls, discovered by archaeologists in the jungles of Belize, may help shed light on the little-understood collapse of the once powerful Classic Maya civilization. The defleshed and painted human skulls, meant to be worn around the neck as pendants, were buried with a […]

How are the Mayan Houses in Yucatan made?

The ancestral Mayan house is “an essential part of the culture and a reflection of the daily life that takes place in that community” The traditional Mayan house, cataloged among specialists as vernacular architecture, its feeling towards these spaces creates, between housing and human beings, such a close relationship that even for some people their […]

The secret of nature that the Mayans copied to make cement

As in ancient China or the Roman Empire, many of the Mayan temples and buildings are still standing thousands of years after their construction. But how have they managed to withstand the passage of time and the harsh tropical climate? Well, it seems, copying nature. Recent research has discovered that builders in ancient China used […]

Statuary of a female ancient Maya ruler found in Ek-Balam, Yucatan

A high-relief wall sculpture showing a female ruler subduing a captive male warrior was just uncovered, authorities in Mexico declared on Monday, February 27th. The statuary found at the Mayan ruin site of Ek’Balam, on the Yucatan peninsula, shows a figure wearing a skirt with crossed bones on it. The figure is shown holding the […]