Is it worth living in the center of Mérida?

In recent years, the center of Mérida has become the fashionable place to live. Every year hundreds of foreigners, mainly Americans and Canadians, come to live in this area of the city. But is it really worth living downtown? Advantages of living in the center of Mérida: Higher quality of services Living in the center […]

How is the water quality in Mérida, Yucatán?

Mérida consumes more than 120 million liters of drinking water per day The water that is distributed in Mérida comes mainly from deep wells that extract water from the subsoil, the peninsular aquifer, which is one of the largest natural reserves of fresh water that exist in the world, and extends throughout the Yucatán peninsula. […]

Dressing Cool in Mérida, Yucatán: A Sunny Adventure!

Ah, the sun-drenched streets of Mérida! Where the air shimmers with heat, and even the iguanas are considering a siesta. Fear not, fellow sun warriors—I’ve got your back! Whether you’re a visitor or a seasoned local, let’s dive into some sizzling style tips to conquer the Yucatán heatwaves. 1. Light as a Breeze: When it […]

These are the appliances that consume the most energy

The cost of living is at its highest level in a decade, and household electricity bills are one of the largest expenses. While it’s inevitable that you have to pay it, the choice and use of your appliances could make a big difference in total energy consumption. Choosing the most energy-efficient appliance according to your […]

Bringing Your Vehicle with Foreign Plates to Mexico

This guide provides an overview of the regulations and essential points to consider when importing a vehicle with foreign plates into Mexico. Navigating the Border: Mexico enforces specific regulations and requires permits for the importation of vehicles with foreign plates. This guide outlines the legal requirements to keep your vehicle in Mexico. Overview of Vehicle […]