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These are the appliances that consume the most energy

- May 20, 2024

The cost of living is at its highest level in a decade, and household electricity bills are one of the largest expenses. While it’s inevitable that you have to pay it, the choice and use of your appliances could make a big difference in total energy consumption.

Choosing the most energy-efficient appliance according to your needs can help you save energy and money on your bills, as some items consume more energy than others. Here, we discover which ones consume the most electricity at home and how you can use them in the most efficient way possible to help you reduce your electricity bill.

Heating and air conditioning: 45-50% The biggest consumer of electricity in the average home is your heating and air conditioning unit. And by a lot. Air conditioners and central heaters use tons of energy to keep your home at the right temperature. Although it depends on which you use more (heating or air conditioning), heating generally uses more electricity throughout the year, accounting for more than 25% of your annual electricity consumption.

Water heater: 12% If you have an electric water heater, it is likely the second biggest energy consumer in your home. Every day, you use your boiler for things like showering, washing dishes, using the sink, and washing clothes. Together, these activities add up to make water heaters consume quite a bit of energy each month.

Lighting: 9-12% Light bulbs have become much more energy-efficient over the years. Today, the top lighting technology on the market, LEDs, use significantly less energy than their predecessors (CFL and incandescent bulbs) and also last much longer, reducing waste. Not to mention they cost less to run as well.

Still, lighting represents a significant part of your electricity use each month due to the amount of use they receive.

Refrigerator: 8% Although your refrigerator doesn’t actually require that much energy to operate each hour, it accumulates quite a bit of electricity consumption simply because it’s always on. And there’s no other way around this, as it’s a necessity.

Washer and dryer: 5% The monthly energy use of your washers and dryers depends on how often you wash clothes, of course. But, when you run the washer and dryer, they tend to consume a lot of electricity, especially if you run the washer with hot water. On average, washing clothes accounts for about 5% of your annual electricity consumption.

Electric oven: 3% Cooking consumes a lot of energy, especially if you have an electric oven and stove. Electric ovens are generally responsible for about 3% of your monthly electricity consumption.

Dishwasher: 2% Your dishwasher (if you have one) requires a relatively low amount of electricity. Generally, it accounts for about 2% of your total monthly use, although it is not a very common appliance in Mexico.

TV and cable box: 2% TV and cable set-top boxes are remarkably energy-efficient nowadays. The problem is that they often run even when you’re not using them. Those standby hours can accumulate some electricity use and, as a result, your TV and cable box consume about 2% of your total monthly electricity.

Source: Chic Magazine