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Mérida: Second Safest City in America and Among the Top 30 Worldwide

- June 19, 2024

Mérida has been recognized as the second safest city in America and one of the top 30 worldwide, according to CEOWorld Magazine, thanks to its effective security policies.

Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán, has been ranked as the second safest city in all of America and number 30 globally, according to a recent report by CEOWorld Magazine. This achievement is due to joint efforts to strengthen security throughout the region, maintaining peace and well-being for families in Yucatan.

Mérida: An Example of Safety in America

With a score of 92.74 out of 100 possible points, Mérida has consolidated itself as the safest city in Mexico, surpassing other important cities in the country such as Puerto Vallarta, Querétaro, Monterrey, San Miguel de Allende, Cancún, Puebla, and Guadalajara. Only Quebec, Canada, is ahead of Mérida on the continental ranking.

CEOWorld Magazine Report Results

The CEOWorld Magazine report highlights Mérida’s privileged position due to its excellent management in security policies. This city not only leads in Mexico but also serves as a reference for America and the world.

Safety Policies Implemented in Yucatán

Positive results in terms of safety are the result of an integral strategy by the state government, which includes the Yucatán Seguro program. This program has allowed for a significant increase in equipment and technology available to security forces. For example, the number of surveillance cameras has increased from 2,248 to 6,775, and traffic cameras from 100 to 219.

Key Initiatives to Improve Safety in Mérida

Among the most notable actions is the creation of C5i, a high-tech control and monitoring center, and the acquisition of a Bell 429 helicopter, the most advanced of its kind in Latin America. Additionally, working conditions for agents have been improved with competitive salaries and access to private medical attention in case of work accidents.

Impact on the Community and International Recognition

The government has also implemented programs supporting children of agents, offering full university scholarships and other benefits such as the Heroes’ Citizens Card, which provides discounts at over 1,000 establishments. These efforts not only improve safety but also strengthen social cohesion and community well-being.

Mérida has earned a prominent place on the international stage due to its proactive and effective approach to security, becoming a model for other cities to follow.

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