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CFE to Launch Operations of Nachi Cocom Plant in Mérida

- June 19, 2024

The plant will strengthen the charging capacity for electric transportation units in Mérida.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will launch the first phase of the “Nachi Cocom” photovoltaic plant in July, which will become one of the main sources of energy supply for the Ie-Tram public transport network in Mérida.

According to Juan Carlos Vega Milke, Subsecretary of Energy, clean energy generators are expected to power 32 electric units and new vehicles that will arrive in the next few weeks. The plant will support charging batteries for electric buses used on foreign routes.

The Mexican government invested $12 million USD in this project, which will produce 100% renewable energy. Construction began two years ago under the orders of CFE Director General Manuel Bartlett Díaz.

Specialists from CFE believe that photovoltaic energy is more economical than fossil fuel-based energy, directly impacting transportation costs.

Vega Milke mentioned that two plants are being built in Mérida and Valladolid, which will increase state availability. The Mérida plant will enter commercial operation between November and December this year, while the Valladolid plant will start up in January and February 2025.

Finally, the Subsecretary of Energy requested patience from the population for the conclusion of energy projects, as they are generating new jobs and electrical infrastructure security in the state, which will bring tangible benefits to the next few years.

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