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Are the underground tunnels in Mérida real? Here’s what you need to know

- May 15, 2024

Every state in Mexico has its great secrets and beliefs, one of the most talked about being the existence of underground tunnels in the capital of Yucatán. It is said that they connect the Cathedral to the church of Monjas, which served as escape routes during times of religious persecution.

Among the stories told about these tunnels is that they were built so that the cloistered Nuns would not have to have any contact with the outside world, and it was even said that one of the passageways led from the Church of Monjas to the Cathedral, which also connected to the convent of San Francisco El Grande.

Regarding all this, Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi, an anthropologist, comments that from the research that has been conducted over the last 25 years, up to this moment it cannot be assured the interconnection of the underground tunnels that are found in certain properties, such as the one that currently occupies Plaza Diamante.

In fact, in the establishment of this plaza, also known as the House of Bricks, there is a nine-meter tunnel that has been included in the tour made in the theater show “Noche de Leyendas,” where the times of the viceroyalty and the colony come back to life.

Across the street, there is also an adjacent property at the entrance of the Municipal Palace parking lot, an entrance to the underground that during the seventies functioned as the nightclub “Yanal Luum.”

The oldest news about this place was reported by the archaeologist Manuell Cirerol Sansores, in an article about the underground tunnels in 1943, which at that time was owned by Colonel Pablo Antonio González. In 1945, the property was acquired by the Espinosa family, who decided to set up a photography studio that continues in a local.

In these two cases, Grosjean Abirmerhi says that everything seems to indicate that this underground tunnel existed since the pre-Hispanic period, but at that time it did not measure more than 20 meters, although a couple of decades ago, Mr. Espinosa, the former owner made some extensions, thus consolidating a huge “blind” underground gallery.

“After reviewing it meticulously, the only thing we found that really surprised us was the wallet of an alleged client of the old nightclub that we located in a small niche that seemed to extend in the direction of the old convent of nuns, however, this did not extend for more than a few meters,” he explained.

However, because there are not too many conclusive proofs and even though there are people who claim to have traveled the tunnels during their childhood with candles, Abimerhi says that for now, they remain legends.

Source: Debate