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Caution! This is the ideal air conditioning temperature to prevent damage to the mini split

- June 2, 2024

Air conditioning has become a necessity in recent days due to the high temperatures that overwhelm us. However, depending on the temperature setting, you could extend its lifespan. Do you know what the normal setting should be?

Due to high temperatures, the mini split can become the best option for spending days in a pleasant environment. But before having or using it, it is very important to consider the level at which it should be set to ensure that it works correctly for a long time.

What is the ideal temperature to turn on a mini split?

The first consideration when using a mini split is the thermal load of the area we want to cool, that is, the amount of heat in the system that removes the environment to reach and maintain the desired temperature.

Factors such as the size of the space, the number of windows, and exposure to the sun influence this load, so it can always change.

According to an interview conducted by MILENIO-Multimedios with Jaime Espinoza, a professor of refrigeration and air conditioning techniques, to avoid straining the equipment and ensuring its durability, it is advisable to set the temperature between 22°C and 24°C. Setting it to a cooler temperature could strain the system.

Therefore, setting it to 16°C could be quite counterproductive. Although it may seem like an effective option, these systems are not really designed to reach such low temperatures constantly, which can cause damage.

What is the ideal temperature to turn on a mini split during the hot season?

During the hot season, the temptation to cool a room immediately is definitely something anyone would want to do. However, the ideal temperature for air conditioning on a day when the heat is unbearable is between 24°C and 26°C.

This way, not only do you make it more efficient in terms of energy consumption, but it is also healthier for our bodies and the device.

What is the ideal temperature to turn on a mini split during the cold season?

In winter, although air conditioning is not the first option that comes to mind for heating the home, many current models can make the environment feel quite comfortable.

The ideal temperature this season varies between 20°C and 22°C, which prevents creating too much contrast with the outside temperature, and this way you can avoid catching a cold when leaving your house or wherever you are.

Source: Chic Magazine