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6-year-old girl dies after being beaten by her parents in Yucatán

- June 3, 2024

A 6-year-old girl tragically lost her life in a violent incident at her own home, located in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Ciudad Caucel.

The local authorities confirmed that the minor was a victim of family violence inflicted by her parents, identified as L.G.C., 29 years old, and E.L.M., 25 years old, who were arrested by state police after the tragic events.

Initial reports indicate that the minor had been subjected to constant abuse, which culminated in a fatal episode on June 30th.

The alarming incident came to light when a nurse was called to examine the girl’s condition and, upon examining her, confirmed that she had no vital signs. The situation took a dramatic turn when the parents, realizing their daughter had passed away, attempted to hide the fact by detaining the nurse against her will.

Fortunately, the nurse managed to escape from the location and immediately contacted authorities through the emergency hotline 911.

The police response was swift. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found a heart-wrenching scene: the father of the minor was crouched in a corner, weeping over his daughter’s lifeless body. When he became aware of the police presence, he attempted to flee but was quickly apprehended.

During the inspection of the body, agents observed multiple signs of violence on the girl’s face and body, which evidenced the severe abuse she had been subjected to. The injuries observed support initial reports of family violence.

Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) attended the scene to perform the autopsy and proceed with the corresponding investigation. It will be the responsibility of the judicial authorities to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the girl’s death and ensure that justice is served.

The community of Ciudad Caucel is shocked by this tragic event. Neighbors and acquaintances expressed their sorrow and distress over the news, deeply lamenting the loss of the minor, considering she had been living constantly with violence.

“The investigation continues its course, and it is expected that in the coming days, details of this tragic case will be clarified, leaving a deep wound in Yucatecan society. Authorities are calling on the community to report any signs of child abuse.”

Source: Infobae