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Alert in Progreso for 2024 Hurricane Forecast

- June 3, 2024

The City Council conducted the ordinary session of Civil Protection to carry out the installation of the Hurricane Season Program 2024, which aims to reinforce actions to respond effectively before, during, and after any meteorological event to protect the inhabitants.

The installation took place on Friday afternoon in the Juárez Room of the Municipal Palace; there, Mayor Roger Gómez Ortegón thanked authorities and representatives from federal, state, and municipal agencies for their response to fine-tune details ahead of the start of the hurricane season, which began this Saturday, June 1.

He emphasized the importance of the issue, given the geographical location of Progreso: “Practically our municipality is surrounded by wetland areas and is close to the Gulf of Mexico, which requires special attention and monitoring,” he said, after federal and state authorities made the point within the State Civil Protection Council for the Hurricane Season 2024 recently held in Mérida.

In addition, the head of Civil Protection, Aurelio Medina Pérez, who began the session by explaining that the atypical temperatures recorded in May, announce a similar situation, but in hurricanes, specified that, according to the National Meteorological Service, 15 to 18 systems are forecasted in the Pacific Ocean and 20 to 23 for the Atlantic Ocean, of which at least five could impact the country.

Of the 20 to 23 phenomena forecasted in the Atlantic, between 11 and 12 cyclones would be tropical storms, 5 to 6 would be category 1 or 2 hurricanes, and 4 to 5 hurricanes would reach categories 3 to 5.

“These forecasts draw our attention because between 5 and 6 phenomena could be close to our port,” highlighted the mayor.

Therefore, municipal authorities indicated that the City Hall departments have carried out various preventive actions within the city and its commissaries.

Among the tasks that have been done are cleaning of wells, pruning of trees, visits to homes to invite citizens to identify loose structures or objects on rooftops, location of temporary shelters, both in Progreso and in commissaries, and evacuation routes and the actual installation of the Hurricane Season Program 2024 in the municipality.

Before concluding the meeting, Gómez Ortegón proposed, as last year, that seamen, fishing shelters, nautical committees, and commissioners work together to have spaces that allow the sheltering of boats, if necessary, thus protecting the assets of families that depend on fishing.

Finally, the mayor of Progreso urged those present to continue coordination and called on citizens to collaborate with the authorities, take preventive measures, and stay informed of the notices.

Source: Diario de Yucatan