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The Regional Group of Yucatán will be presented in Sweden and Denmark at the “Hamn Festivalen”

- July 8, 2024

The Mexican association “Xochipilli Mexikansk Kulturföreningen i Sverige”, led by Maestra Lilia Martínez, a resident of Sweden, is organizing the festival, which will be a cultural and gastronomic show aiming to bring a piece of Mexico to those European lands.

The “Agrupación Independiente de Promotores Culturales” directed by Yucatecan Maestro César Sobrino Chávez, along with the group “Mexidansk”, composed of Mexican women from the RGM-Denmark cultural pillar, will alternate performances. The group is approximately 22 people, mostly adult retirees and some Mayan speakers who love dance and enjoy traveling.

In this occasion, 10 representatives from the group will attend the Hamn Festivalen, generating their own resources to travel and promote Mexican art. As Maestro Sobrino Chávez mentioned, “We make a type of independent cultural tourism; we can present any artistic manifestation from Mexico outside the country.”

The group will bring traditional ballet folklorico from Yucatán and Quintana Roo to Sweden and Denmark, presenting a brief description in Maya, translated into English. They will perform traditional dances such as “Cabeza de cochino” and showcase some charolas, dance “El Ferrocarril”, “Las mujeres que se pintan”, “El boxito”, “El Turkurunchú”, among other jaranas.

“It’s a great satisfaction to bring our culture to distant places; it’s very nice, for example, when we danced ‘El Boxito’ in Spain and the people were thrilled,” said Maestro Sobrino Chávez in an interview with the newspaper Diario de Yucatan.

In 2023, while Maestro Sobrino Chávez was volunteering in Uganda, images of him teaching African children to dance traditional jaranas like “Cabeza de cochino” went viral on social media, accompanied by clapping from those present.

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