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In Protest Against the CFE, Neighbors Hold Up a Va y Ven Bus in Nueva Mulsay

- July 7, 2024

Neighbors of the Ampliación Nueva Mulsay colony in Mérida, frustrated for not having electricity since last night, decided to block the street and hold up a “Va y Ven” urban bus as a form of protest.

According to the neighbors, this measure is a response to their need to be heard by the authorities and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Residents on 67-B Street between 114 and 116 in the Ampliación Nueva Mulsay colony closed the street and held up the bus carrying passengers.

As a result of the protest, officers from the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) assigned to the western sector arrived at the scene, who spoke with the affected parties to ask them to release the bus. However, their efforts were unsuccessful, as the residents did not yield and continued to hold up the public transportation unit until personnel from the CFE restored electricity service.

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