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No Charge for Cell Phone and Tablet Use in Archaeological Zones 

- June 20, 2024

Following a rumor circulating on social media about a 60 pesos fee for using cell phones, tablets, and non-professional cameras to enter archaeological sites in the state, the Cultural Patronage has clarified that this information is false, and no charge will be applied at tourist sites. 

The state agency stated that it does not have the authority to impose any fees on the use of mobile devices mentioned above, as archaeological zones are under the responsibility and custody of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), which means that no fee has ever been charged for camera or device use. 

In this regard and in response to the dissemination of information stating that using mobile devices would be prohibited in archaeological zones and museums, INAH clarified that the entry of cell phones and non-professional camera use is permitted. Therefore, it reiterated that the disseminated information was erroneous. 

The federal agency stated that what was updated was the fee applicable to commercial video recordings made with professional devices, so there is no prohibition for individuals to take personal photos using these devices, respecting the regulations of each space. 

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