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Man Wounds 25-Year-Old Canadian Woman with Axe in Downtown Mérida

- April 24, 2024

A man attacked a woman with an axe to the head; she is a 25-year-old Canadian tourist who was walking with her friends at the intersection of 60th and 61st streets, in front of the Plaza Grande in Mérida.

The young tourist was attacked by a man from Tabasco who apparently has mental problems, as he was speaking incoherently.

The individual took the axe from one of the workers who were carrying out remodeling work at the site, as reported by local media.

After injuring the woman, she began to bleed, and police officers approached, who in turn requested the support of paramedics.

The young woman was treated and bandaged on the head but had to be transferred to a first aid station, as the wound was serious.

The aggressor identified himself as Eliazer “N” and claimed that ‘the CIA had brought him to Mérida’. The individual was detained. It is expected that the tourist will file a complaint about this incident.

Source: Debate