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The attack in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo goes around the world, Governor says it is “a blow to the development and security” of the state

- November 5, 2021

Media from various parts of the world, such as The Cancun Post, El Pais and NBC, reported on the armed confrontation in a hotel. 

The United States government asked its citizens to remain vigilant.  

A few weeks after what happened in Tulum, where two tourists were murdered and three injured, Quintana Roo faces a crisis with an uncertain ending. 

The armed confrontation between organized crime groups in a hotel in Puerto Morelos once again put Quintana Roo on the front pages of the media around the world, and for the worst reasons.

A few days after the events that occurred in Tulum, where two tourists were killed in an attack on a bar, the case of Puerto Morelos is another direct blow to the image of the tourist destination around the world, and it begins to seriously worry the authorities .  
As is known, the Thursday afternoon was recorded on the beaches of Puerto Morelos, a shootout between drug dealers in the vicinity of the hotel Hyatt Ziva Petempich Bay, with two dead and panic of hundreds of tourists. 
Faced with the events, the United States government issued an official statement in which it asked its citizens to remain vigilant, and to communicate with their relatives to tell them that they were fine. 
But the issue spread to all the media in the world, and the damage to the image of Quintana Roo became unstoppable. 
Ciudadanos exigen a Carlos Joaquín preocuparse por la inseguridad en Cancún
Governor Carlos Joaquín himself recognized it at night, in his regular SQCS program, where he said that it is a “strong blow to the development and security of Quintana Roo.” 
“Again a group looking for individual situations, against the collective interest. These events hurt society, they hurt a work scheme, a search for tranquility, to improve the conditions of Quintana Roo families, “he said. 
The State Attorney General’s Office reported that the investigation folder on what happened has already been opened.
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Da la vuelta al mundo balacera de Puerto Morelos

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