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An Oxxo employee mistakenly sells her food to a customer; It was in a cream container

- December 31, 2021

The young man published the funny confusion through social networks and in response more than one Internet user asked Oxxo to place a refrigerator so the workers can store their food and thus avoid more situations of this type. 

Are you one of those who keeps your lunch in a cream container? An Oxxo employee is part of this group of Mexicans who prefer not to spend on Tupperware; however, he did not realize that he was mistakenly selling his food.

This was exhibited by a Twitter user named Juan Carlos, who published photographs of the amusing confusion of which he was a victim.

And according to his story, he went to an Oxxo store to buy a cream, paid, left the store and when he opened the container he realized that there was actually rice pudding.

Juan Carlos assumed that this would be the breakfast of the employee who served him. The Twitter user did not return to the store to make a claim, but he did decide to share this moment on his account accompanied by the hashtag # SoloEnMéxico.

“I bought a cream at the Oxxo and it was Rice pudding 1.- Poor lady, I left her without dessert 2.-She charged me as she wanted,” he wrote.

After the error became viral, Oxxo asked the buyer to reveal the address of the establishment to “follow up” on what happened. However, more than one person assured that it was not a malicious act on the part of the employee and even others requested that refrigerators be placed so that the workers could store their food.

Is it safe to store food in cream containers?

In 2020, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) warned about the risks of storing your food in used packaging.

And it is that the agency detailed that some packages of cream or yogurt contain a substance called Bisphenol A or BPA, which could cause cancer.

PHOTO: Reddit

But not only that, but Profeco also highlighted that reusing said containers can cause cracks in them, which will allow bacteria to enter the food. So it was highlighted that they are single-use.

Source: quinto-poder.mx

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