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Is it true? Are tourists being deported in Mexico? Let’s examine the truth!

- February 17, 2022

By Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL

Just recently, I was made aware of an Instagram post by a German Citizen, who had been detained in the Cancun Immigration Detention Center for 6 days and deported back to his Country. He shared his experience and was accusing Mexico of being corrupt by giving fewer days on his FMM to make money. He also shed light on the fact that he is not the only person being detained for long periods of time awaiting deportation. He mentioned Americans and Europeans that were being detained with him that had been in the facility for 6 months.

In this video, I am going to use his experience to help explain why he was detained and dispel some of the myths still being perpetuated by some individuals on social media claiming that this is all fake news. I am also using this situation as an example of what can happen to you if you overstay your tourist FMM. I also want to use this as an example of what conditions you may encounter if you are detained by immigration whether it be that you overstayed your visa or are detained for a short period of time because you are not carrying your original immigration documents on you.

I will also be providing some tips so that hopefully you can avoid putting yourself in this individual’s situation.

Link to Mexican Immigration Information Line: https://bit.ly/3rQppjM

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