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How much does an architect earn in Mérida, Yucatán? 

- July 16, 2023

Dedicating yourself to the field of architecture in Mérida is not an easy job, since you do not always have a good job or a good salary, despite being one of the best paid in the state of Yucatán. 

Knowing how much an architect earns is a good way to know if studying this career is a good option. You have to keep in mind that the salary of an experienced person is not the same as a recent graduate. 

We could say that to have a good annual salary exercising these jobs is not in Mérida, the best monthly paid locations for an architect in design and construction in Mexico are in CDMX with $27,249 pesos, Zapopan, Jalisco with $24,414 and in third place, the city of Monterrey with a monthly pass of $23,166 pesos. 

How much does an architect earn in Mérida? 

According to data collected in job offers as of July 12, in Mérida, the employee earns about $117,988 a year, breaking it down, it would be $13,999 a month, $3,500 a week or $82.35 per hour. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions for this type of work are the following: 

What is the lowest salary for an architect? This point will depend, as we have mentioned, on experience and years of work and what type of specialist we are. It is estimated that an architect can earn $186,840 per year. 

What is the lowest salary for an architect? According to studies, the minimum salary for these jobs is $12,142 per month. 

 Source: Por Esto 

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