Marcelo Chic fashion models make a big splash

- July 17, 2023

The sexy summer 2023 collection by Marcelo Chic. Outfits are custom-made for each customer. Footwear by Barrera Shoes. Yucatán Magazine collage with photos @ Marcelo Chic

Spectators applauded mix-and-match outfits made from cotton, linen and silk, followed by long flowing, flared casual, colorful trousers in various styles suited for chilling out post-swim.

Rounding off the 36 pieces were the speedos and trunks, making a splash, literally, as all the models marched to the end of the red-carpeted runway and into the swimming pool.

The collection’s printed lycra fabrics were a mix of subtle and bright colors and patterns that complemented luxurious textures. The show was well received by an enthusiastic, invitation-only crowd, many donning Kentucky Derby and polo club attire.

The day’s predicted tropical downpour couldn’t dampen the mood, especially as the models tossed a beachball while looking glamorous. 

Marcelo Chic is the brand of local fashion designer Marcelo Lopez. Partner Mark Callum produced the presentation, drawing on his 32 years as a BBC-TV director in London.

In the city where it always seems to be summertime, Yucatecan designer “Marcelo Chic” presented his 2023 Summer Collection for men on Saturday. 

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