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Who are the candidates for mayor of Mérida for Morena?

- November 21, 2023

MÉRIDA.- Morena’s internal process to define its candidate for mayor of Mérida will have at least three participants, two of them expanistas who registered with the group yesterday.

To date, those interested in participating in the Morenoist race are Manuel Díaz Suárez, former local legislator for PAN; Rommel Pacheco Marrufo, federal deputy also left the blue and white team and Ángel Alonzo Xacur, former Infonavit delegate.

Rommel Pacheco, candidate for mayor of Mérida

Pacheco Marrufo registered last night. His event was attended by Morena sympathizers who in other times were active in other parties. Among them were former PRI members Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín, a senator who recently joined the PVEM, and Daniel González Quintal, who in the last elections was a candidate for deputy for Morena. Ramírez Marín published photos of the event on his networks and wrote that “Rommel Pacheco is the hope for a democratic Mérida and he has all the energy we need to achieve it.”

It is worth mentioning that Óscar Brito Zapata, who during the last elections lost the deputyship to Rommel Pacheco due to a close difference in votes, also attended the registry. Brito Zapata said that he was invited by the athlete and added that “these are times of unity and joining forces.”

Rejection of Rommel Pacheco

At the same event, an incident was recorded between alleged members of Pacheco Marrufo’s team and militants who were protesting against Pacheco. According to images circulating on networks, the protesters carried signs rejecting the federal legislator.

“Rommel will never be a true Morenoist” and “Rommel betrayed the country,” they read. A man snatched their posters, causing cheers and boos. It should be added that at Claudia Sheinbaum’s last rally in Valladolid, the expanist also received a boohoo shout.

Source: Diario de Yucatan