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Yucatecan fishermen rescue Cuban dissidents stranded in the Gulf of Mexico

- April 14, 2022

Fishermen from the port of San Felipe, Yucatan; reported that on Monday, April 12 the crew of the boat “Delfin 28” rescued six Cuban dissidents, all men, who were shipwrecked in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Although there is no official version, it is also said that at least two Cubans perished during the voyage.

What was confirmed is that the six rescued Cubans were taken to the Health Center because they were severely dehydrated after drifting on the high seas for several days.

As additional information, it is known that they left their country on March 15, that is, almost a month ago.

The boat presumably capsized and they continued to drift, but they lost sight of two of their companions, who would have drowned.

Among the fishermen of San Felipe, there is a version that the rescued Cubans had their feet and other parts of their bodies eaten away by fish.

They were treated by the medical personnel of the Health Center, without it being possible to confirm if they would later be transferred to another clinic due to their critical state of health.

Just over a week ago, on Saturday, April 2nd, a group of nine Cuban dissidents landed in the port of El Cuyo.

They were rescued and assisted by the police authorities, who later handed them over to the National Migration Institute.

A week after this event, on Saturday the 9th, a makeshift raft was found two kilometers from the Yucatecan coast, in front of the area known as Playa Bonita.

In recent months, the traffic of Cubans fleeing their country with the intention of crossing the Gulf of Mexico to reach the United States has increased significantly, as more people try to flee the dictatorship.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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