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Cleaning the Chen cenote in Kopomá, more than 700 kilos of waste were found

- December 9, 2020

The activity focused on sanitizing the body of water and lasted more than five hours

It was possible to find from light meters to the skulls of three crocodiles while cleaning the Chen cenote, located in Kopomá, where up to 700 kilos of solid waste were extracted in total.

The activity focused on cleaning the body of water, the Bepensa Foundation was in charge of extracting all the pollutants from the site.

During the cleaning, with the use of a metal detector, cave divers found light meters, in addition to electronic devices that were precisely extracted because they have highly polluting components such as copper, lead, and magnets.

The urgency of removing these elements detected because dead fish were found at the bottom of the cenote.

In addition to such objects, three crocodile skulls were also found.

The Bepensa Foundation has focused attention on cleaning cenotes because, in recent years, various studies have shown that the water in many areas of Yucatan has carcinogenic particles.

At the end of the day, 112 devices were counted, many of them completely corroded and some attached to the jaws of animals.

Although on the positive side, live fish were identified as mojarras and the so-called Aluh (in Mayan) or catfish from cenotes.

In this sense, those who collaborated in such activity made an attentive call to the authorities of the three orders of the Government to take action on the matter and preserve the cenotes in full.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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