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Yucatán is more than just Mérida and Valladolid says Mexican actor Damián Alcázar

- December 30, 2020
The actor invites to know more areas of the state, far from the city
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Yucatán recently received two new appointments from Pueblos Mágicos: Maní and Sisal. However, there are other corners of the state that have magic in the same way, such is the case of El Cuyo, a place that actor Damián Alcázar chose to spend Christmas with his wife.

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El Cuyo is a place where, from the moment you arrive, the smell of mangroves reminds you that it is not the same experience as being in the city, whatever it may be. That experience is what people like actor Damián Alcázar sought for these Christmas dates. The actor has starred in films such as Hell, Herod’s Law, or A Wonderful World.

In one of the main streets, Alcázar made a small space to offer an interview for La Jornada Maya, which at the same time is an invitation for more people to come to Yucatán, specifically El Cuyo.

He stopped at the “La Perla” store and asked for the location of his next destination.

Why choose El Cuyo in Yucatan?

One is so far from Yucatán that we believe that the state is only Mérida or Valladolid, but no, it has extraordinary and wonderful places like El Cuyo.

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By then, the actor was looking for a reference to one of the most popular restaurants in El Cuyo and at the same time he claimed that it was the first time he had been in this territory. For Mr. Abelardo Corea Alcocer, owner of “La Perla”, it is common for people to stop by and ask for references to get somewhere in the coastal area.

Would you come back?

We are amazed at what we have found. Yucatán is extraordinary.

Do you enjoy going unnoticed?

One enjoys being quiet and in Yucatan, more.

The actor continued on his way, as his wife was waiting for him at the restaurant “El chile gordo”, but beforehand he agreed to be photographed outside the store “La Perla”, which is more than 80 years old, being one of the eldest and that has been a faithful witness of the changes in El Cuyo.

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El Cuyo

Don Abelardo, shared that tranquility continues to characterize this municipality since he was a child, “if this counter and these shelves spoke, they would have many stories to tell.”

Before being a site for fishermen and with a view to tourism, El Cuyo was a port dedicated to the transportation of wood and boats that arrived from Brazil and Colombia, due to the natural product that was possible to find in the area. “Then those same boats came back with plywood and from here it was already distributed throughout the state, by then I was a child and my father was the one who tended the store,” concluded Don Abelardo.

Source: lajornadamaya.mx

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