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Expat tries to set fire to his Mexican neighbor’s house

- January 8, 2021

More Bad behavior from an expat this time in Sisal Yucatan

SISAL Yucatan. (Times Media Mexico) – Problems do not seem to stop with certain foreigners residing on Yucatan’s shores, who think they are superior to the locals and other residents. Today, an expatriate, apparently of American nationality by the name of Robert Ballenger, tried to set fire to the Canto Quintal family’s palapa on called 19 x 12 y 14 and long time residents of the port of Sisal. In the video, the foreigner uses insulting language against the workers and challenges them to fight him.

This attitude seems to be becoming a constant among some expatriates across Mexico.

The vast majority are people who embrace the Yucatan culture, always help their community, and respect the law.

In a phone call with the daughter-in-law of the property owner in Sisal, Mrs. Yanely Flamenco, she tells us that the foreigner is exceptionally aggressive, and this is not the first time that the expatriate comes into conflict with them and other residents.

During the pandemic, there was a problem with the foreigner who wanted to force his way into his property, even though the villagers had refused entry to those outside their community to avoid infection.

Ms. Yanely Flamenco also states that some time ago, this man threatened her with a firearm in an argument with her. This is recorded in a denuncia made by her.

At this time, a new complaint has been filed against the foreigner requesting the National Institute of Migration intervention, and the Secretariat of Public Security -in case the foreigner is armed as mentioned before- and the Public Ministry.

Source: theyucatantimes.com

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