Easter (Semana Santa) holidays helps Merida Yucatan reach 60% hotel occupancy

The arrival of tourists to the entity began to register as of this Friday, March 26

Yucatan hotel businessmen estimate to reach 60 percent occupancy during the Easter and Easter holidays, which will begin on March 29 and end on April 11, which will allow progress in the economic reactivation and recovery of the sector.

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The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (Canacome), Iván Rodríguez Gasque, pointed out that the arrival of tourists to the entity began to register on March 26, because many families seek to take advantage of as much time as possible your stay in Yucatan.

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He indicated that the greatest influx is expected to occur in the main tourist sites that are Mérida, Valladolid, and Izamal, and some beaches of the entity since in the case of Progreso, the boardwalks will be closed to the public, although the restaurants will be in service, which will allow obtaining economic profit in these days.

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Rodríguez Gasque considered that tourist activity in the entity is increasing, even when there are certain restrictions, an active vacation period is expected, after having a totally paralyzed Easter and Easter in 2020.

He stressed that people seek the Yucatan destination for its attractions such as beaches, archaeological sites, colonial cities, magical towns, and its capital Mérida, as well as for its natural beauties.

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These vacations, he pointed out, will be different from previous years, since the vast majority of tourists will seek to go out by road, at a maximum distance of four hours, which will help to have a flow of visitors in regional destinations.

“It is expected that 85 percent of the visitors who come to the entity will be nationals because due to the coronavirus pandemic there are nations that have their trips abroad closed.”

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The leader of CANACO Mérida highlighted that businessmen in the tourism sector have adapted their facilities based on the indications of the health sector to guarantee guests and clients, in the case of restaurants and shops, strict compliance with health protocols.

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In health care, he stressed, it is important that people who go on vacation also duly abide by health measures since health care is everyone’s responsibility.

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