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30 homeowners fined for digging wells without a permit in Yucatán

- August 21, 2021

They must pay a fine of 120 thousand pesos ($5,900 USD); interested parties should go to the Basin Agency

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 20, 2021).- So far this year, the Yucatán Peninsula Basin Agency of the National Water Commission (Conagua) has fined 30 owners of private properties across the state with 120 thousand pesos each, for digging wells without request the corresponding permits, declared the general director of the agency, Andrés Eduardo Galván Torres. 

The federal official said that the above is due to inspection visits made by Conagua staff, mainly in the state capital Merida. 

He specified that the permit for the construction of a well in a home has a cost of 5,000 pesos ($245 USD), a procedure that considers an analysis of the general situation of the site and a water balance in which it is determined how much the person will consume, and if it will have a domestic use. 

Conagua en Yucatán

In this sense, Galván Torres explained that the construction of wells for agricultural use is exempt from payment of permits because they consider that it is necessary to encourage production, however, he said, they must inform Conagua about the work. 

He added that the municipalities have an allocation to distribute water to the population and that it is known as public-urban use. 

The head of the Conagua in the state of Yucatan concluded by saying that they also test the quality of the water in the territory since they have 156 sampling points.

Source: Sipse

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