A federal investigation in the death of Jose Eduardo at the hands of Yucatan police concludes


Investigations by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) into the events that led to the death of the young Veracruz native José Eduardo Ravelo Echevarría in Yucatán have concluded and a report will be given on the results of said investigations in the coming days.

It was unofficially indicated that it will be the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, who will offer information about the extensive investigation that was carried out to clarify the case that had national repercussions and left the security in Yucatan in question.

As it was found, the investigations covered different lines of investigation, which included his movements days before his arrest by the municipal police of Mérida, and even his activities before he settled in the Yucatecan capital.

It transpired that this Wednesday the mother of the deceased young man would offer a press conference in San Juan, supposedly the epicenter of the events, to make it clear that she does not want her son’s memory to be stained and that she trusts the federal authorities that there will not be impunity.

The authorities of the FGR in charge of the case were emphatic that responsibilities will be established for this case and that it was a “very serious” action to have leaked video material – presumably by the State Attorney General’s Office -, regardless of the events that occurred.

Due to the reservation of the investigation, which is confidential and to which the state authorities allegedly do not have access, no further information on the results was provided.

However, PRESIDIO learned that around 20 elements of the FGR participated in the work carried out in Mérida and Kanasín, including police officers and experts, who arrived on August 20 and changed their residence to the Yucatecan capital for a month.

The federal elements have returned to Mexico City, after fulfilling the mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to exhaustively investigate the events, “whoever falls.”

It transpired that there would be sanctions against certain authorities for their indirect participation in the events and, in other cases, for omission or concealment of the information.

The function of the group sent to Mérida was solely to investigate and litigate the case, without making any statements, although the reconstruction of events carried out on September 3 was made public in the surroundings of the San Juan park. There was a rehearsal the night before, as reported by PRESIDIO live.

As part of the investigations, the body of José Eduardo buried in his native city Isla, Veracruz, was exhumed to perform a new autopsy, and units of the Municipal Police of Mérida were secured, which are kept safe in the facilities of the FGR in Yucatán.

Since August 11, PRESIDIO reported that the State Prosecutor’s Office covered up the real executioners of “El Güero” ( https://presidiomx.com/encubre-fiscalia-a-verdaderos-assinos-de-jose-eduardo/ ) by keeping hidden the complete evidence of the content of the video cameras by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) and determine the truth of what really happened to the young man.

During the investigations, the actions of the Yucatecan Police also came to light, which according to testimonies collected from interviewed citizens, uses procedures that often lead to torture practices.

PRESIDIO published that torture is reported in Yucatán every two days, according to a report by the Washington Office for Latin American Affairs (WOLA): https://presidiomx.com/cada-dos-dias-se-denuncia- torture-in-yucatan /

It is estimated that many cases are not known due to possible threats to the victims or fear of reprisals.

Even the Yucatan State Human Rights Commission (Codhey) issued a report stating that it documented 22 people who died while in detention and in the custody of municipal and state police authorities.

These deaths occurred in the period from 2018 to November 2020 and the information was echoed in various local and national media: https://www.jornada.com.mx/ultimas/estados/2020/11/16/entre-2018 -and-2020-22-people-detained-in-yucatan-codhey-173.html died

The agency called on the police elements to follow the protocols established in the corporations to guarantee the integrity and life of the Yucatecans during the time they are under their protection and responsibility.

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