Stoned, naked man scares a group of women in Buctzotz, Yucatan

Stoned, naked guy scares group of women in Buctzotz, Yucatan, (Photo: Facebook)

Buctzotz, Yucatan; October 5, 2021 (ACOM) .- Women in this Yucatecan town who went out early for a walk denounced on social networks that a naked man was in a gap in the Buctzotz-Xbec bike path.

The events occurred the morning when the young Noely P. posted the following on her Facebook account:

Good morning, for those who are walking on the Buctzotz-Xbec road, be very careful, today unfortunately when returning home a naked man came out of nowhere and started talking to us, I do not know who he was, he took off a long-sleeve red checked shirt and had a red cap, there was a strong smell of marijuana. Take your precautions if you are in the area, as it was very unpleasant to go through that ”.

The municipal police were not able to find the man. According to the victim, the nudist came out of the undergrowth near the Buctzotz Lienzo Charro and began to speak to the women who were exercising, but, seeing that he was going to be photographed, he ran away and hid again in the lush vegetation.

Source: Reporteros Hoy

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