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Grupo México calls AMLO a Lier; construction contract for Section 5 of the Maya Train did not cease due to non-compliance

- November 23, 2022

The company defended itself and said that they did not breach and that it was a technical issue, in addition to trusting that a fair and transparent settlement will be delivered.

After President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ( AMLO ) pointed out in his morning conference on Monday, November 21, that Grupo México did not comply with the construction of a section of the Mayan Train, the company denied through a statement that they had not complied with the contract and assured that the truth is another.

This occurs in response to the statement by the federal president, who said that he was taken by surprise by the lawsuit by Grupo México, which seeks to determine the amount to be paid for early revocation of the documents.

“I did not know that he had already sued, so he already became advertising (…) I do not know now what led him to associate himself to mount the campaign against us (…) It surprises me,” accused the President from the National Palace.

He added that the recession of the contract to Grupo México derived from a breach in Section 5, and now they were seeking to be paid an amount for what they worked and invested, as well as for what “the technicians of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion did (Fonatur)”.

AMLO in the morning conference (Screenshot)AMLO in the morning conference (Screenshot)

“They worked and invested and they want an amount for what they did and the Fonatur technicians maintain that this is not the amount that corresponds to them. In other words, they want to charge more or Fonatur pay less, ”he accused.

However, Grupo México later published a statement clarifying that they did not breach and that the contract was terminated due to technical complications in the aforementioned section.

“The early termination was due to the technical impossibility of carrying out the project in 11 months and delivering it in July 2023. A breach derived from new requested delivery dates was avoided. The seriousness and professionalism of the consortium led it to decline due to the complexity and haste imposed on the completion of the project”, he indicated.


Likewise, he indicated that he has followed the procedure to terminate the contract, complying with the requirements established by the Fonatur National Fund.

“The consortium did not commit any breach during the term of the contract. All the actions aimed at closing the contract have been part of a legal and administrative procedure established based on the requirements of Fonatur, in a framework of dialogue and good faith,” the company said.

“The consortium has accepted the Government’s proposal that the settlement derive from the analysis and conciliation that take place with the military engineers. Grupo México maintains its absolute conviction that the settlement must be transparent, attached to the facts and the law,” he added.

According to what President López Obrador reported in the morning, the section where the construction was not carried out goes from Playa del Carmen to Tulum and would be approximately 50 kilometers.

The president argued that the disqualification of the contract to Grupo México derived from a breach in the mentioned section. Reason for which the intervention of the companies Mota-Engil, ICA and Indi was agreed.

“They were notified that this section was urgent and it was delivered to three companies (…) It matters a lot to us because we had all the protections there,” he declared.

In the past, several injunctions were announced that ensured that in Section 5 of the Mayan Train the construction is dangerous due to the characteristics of the soil in the area.

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