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Merida Airport is expected to reach 3 million passengers in December

- December 5, 2022

Merida City Airport is 300,000 passengers away from reaching 3 million passengers in 2022, a historic record for the Yucatan capital’s airport terminal.

In 2021, the airport reported 2.07 million, which means that in 12 months the number of travelers grew by nearly 1 million users.

Airport authorities have begun preparations for this operational record, which could be reached days before the end of the year. The number of air travelers has been increasing monthly since January of this year, the new air connections, and the increase in demand to Merida, allow us to establish that they will reach the figure of 3 million in the last week of December.

On a daily average this year, Merida’s airport has mobilized 8 thousand passengers, which places this terminal as the fifth busiest in the country, including passengers on private routes. In 2021, the terminal will handle an average of 5,697 people daily, with a growth recovery only surpassed by Cancun airport, which this year could reach 18 million passengers.

Data from the Southeast Airport Group (Asur) indicate that, up to October of this year, the Yucatan airport generated 2.44 million passengers. Surpassing the total figures of 2021, the second year of the pandemic, and the state’s economic operational restart when new provisions were declared in August of that year to reactivate the economy.

In Asur’s figures, the airport grew by 48 thousand passengers with respect to September and 106 thousand users with respect to October 2021. The same report states that 92 percent of passengers traveling from Merida airport are domestic passengers and 8 percent on international flights. Thus, in the first ten months of 2022, there are 2 million 225 thousand domestic passengers and 216 thousand international users.

Source: SIPSE

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